For over 10 years, IDOLEM has been an essentiel well-being break in the lives of its Idolyogis

Make your well-being a priority !
Available in all our studios, a sacred ritual in 6 steps to provide you with a personal,
active and ultimate self-care experience, to be repeated at least 3 times a week.
I set my intention
Check-in for my class
5 minutes
Key questions to better understand you and help you achieve your goals. What is your reason for being here today? What are your goals? Why is taking care of yourself important?
I let go
Teas and reservation of my smoothie
5 minutes
Take the time to enjoy a delicious tea prepared in harmony with our classes. Also, reserve your regenerative juice, available at the end of your circuit.
I prepare my body
10 minutes
Zen and pure zone, enjoy the benefits of gentle halotherapy. Like a seaside getaway, it clears the respiratory passages and soothes the nervous system.
I relax
Yoga and sensory journey
60 to 75 minutes
Settle into our radiant-energy-heated yoga room, creating a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. Our attentive instructors will guide you through a practice focused on self-listening, without comparison or judgment. In a dimly lit ambiance, savor the well-deserved rest of Shavasana with a cool towel infused with essential oils delicately placed on your face.
I welcome my happiness
Cold Therapy
15 minutes : Preparation, 1 min bath, 5 min warm-up
Explore a revolutionary icy experience to enhance your hot yoga! Immerse yourself in the coolness, strengthen your resilience. 1 min bath, 5 min warm-up, accompanied by our teams. Mandatory introductory training, to be done only once, ensuring the success of your plunges.
I regenerate
Enjoying my smoothie
5 minutes
Fully embrace your moment of relaxation by staying in the present and letting your body temperature come down under a refreshing shower. Afterward, we assist you in regenerating your muscles by preparing a customized and affordable health juice, waiting for you at the dedicated location. Did you know that it is crucial to nourish your body within 20 minutes after physical exertion? Finally, your blood circulation and heart rate will have time to recover, allowing your body to effectively nourish itself.