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Presidente et fondatrice d'Idolem Yoga.



  • BAC Special Economics. ECO
  • Bachelor of Management HEC MONTREAL
  • Bachelor of Business Creation and Marketing HEC MONTREAL
  • Yogafit level 1
  • Post-Trauma Certification helps victims
  • Certification - COVID-19 surface treatment
  • QUICK Method training

Did you know that IDOLEM is MELODI upside down ?!
Our founder Melody Benhamou, mother of two magnificent Buddhas, is above all a former high level Beach Volleyball athlete with many medals.
In business, our founder applies her perseverance as an athlete in her quest for well-being for all.
Mélody is a person who cares about her students and her network. Fascinated by the details, our founder day by day builds a community that shines in each of its regions thanks to its diligent franchisees. Energetic, inventive and present, Mélody enjoys teamwork and takes great pleasure in getting up every morning to do good to her community.

Sarah Lamoureux



As a certified coach, I completed my nutrition studies while working at Idolem. Upon selecting my future job, I had to choose between continuing on my field of study or a career with a growing company.I finally decide to take a leap of faith with Idolem by deciding to believe that we would be able to go far!Today, after 9 years, I share what we have built throughout these years with new owners, who like us, believe in the potential of this company. My work today is to guide them through their dream of becoming an entrepreneur.



I started my graphic design business quickly after graduating, finally living off my passion. I spent several hours sitting behind a computer, and I was looking for an activity to get me moving and relaxing. Hot yoga at IDOLEM turned out to be a revelation from the first class. While relaxing, the movements of the yoga postures eliminated my body aches for the day. Working with IDOLEM allows me to realize myself professionally while finding a balance with my family. Being a client at IDOLEM, I can convey in my designs all the well-being that I feel when I enter a studio.

Jean-françois de Idolem Yoga



I met Melody during a negotiation where I represented the Landlord and not Idolem, in early 2016. At the time, I remember immediately liking the concept and saw a potential for a huge expansion. I wanted to get involved and through our efforts, we developed a strong and lasting relationship of trust. My specialty is commercial real estate, more specifically retail development, commercial spaces sourcing, negotiation of commercial leases and implementation logistics ... I work closely with Melody, his team and all future owners who decide to launch into the adventure of entrepreneurship through Idolem.

L'architecte Jacob Swiech



Born in Warsaw, Poland
Studies in architecture in Poland, France and Canada
For 30 years, member in good standing of the Order of Architects of Quebec.
In private practice for 25 years
Participation in projects in Africa, United States and CanadaI met Melody 15 years ago, and immediately I recognized a huge professional opportunity that was offered to me.
From our first project in Laval, we formed a powerful creative team that has never stopped surprising me. Project after project, studio after studio, our way of working together continued to evolve, to face the challenges that presented themselves and to constantly seek new solutions. And the results are simply amazing.
Our studios can serve as role models with that design excellence that has become synonymous with Idolem and that is the work of a team that keeps growing and pushing forward. Idolem is made up of imaginative people who form a group that looks to the future with exciting ideas. Being an architect associated with Idolem's success has given me the chance to experience immense professional satisfaction.