We have put in place all the health elements and government recommendations so that our students feel safe in our studios.
Note that the vaccination pass has become compulsory and that you will have to present it in the studio with an identity document.


During the pandemic we are obliged to reduce our capacity in the courses as well as in our studios.
We recommend that you wear bandanas or wristbands to help keep you off your face.
You will be able to get sandals, masks and / or bottles of water for purchase in the event that you need them.


When making your reservation for your first visit, we will ask you to have previously completed your online intention form from the comfort of your home.
You will also have the possibility to fill it on our tablet made available to you and disinfected after each use.
We will have the opportunity to prepare for your visit and guide you adequately.
As soon as you arrive, our advisors will be there to guide you through our anti-covid circuit
Our counselors will wear a visor at all times for their safety and that of our students.

The steps of our anti-covid circuit will go as follows:
  1. Attendance and hand washing
    All beautiful all clean
  2. Relaxation in controlled waiting air
    Zen attitude
  3. Wearing compulsory equipment and compliance with signs
    My mask salutes your mask: namasqué
  4. Take out the bad guy lesson
  5. Getting out of the studio and responding to needs
    The best version of myself

STEP 1 :

All beautiful all clean

As soon as you arrive, when we take your presence, we will invite you to remove your shoes and put them in your bag or put on our slippers provided, put on your clean sandals and go to the hand wash.
We also have shoe bags for sale available for you.


Zen attitude

Once the hand washing is finished, you will be guided to the Zen waiting area.
This zen zone will allow you to wait in complete safety with marks on the ground allowing to respect a social gap of 2 meters between each student, and to maximize your safety.
If we have too many students, we will invite you to wait outside and tents will be made available to you for this purpose.
If you need to change, we will ask you to make an effort and bring the minimum of personal effects and arrive already changed at the studio when possible, while our showers will be unusable for the moment and the changing rooms will be subject to quotas.
You can drop off your belongings in the changing rooms and wait in the waiting air.


My mask salutes your mask

The advisor will ensure that compulsory or highly recommended equipment is worn, that is to say: mask, sandal and / or clean stocking, mat and towel.
In the event that you are missing something, we will offer you the equipment for purchase and some items for rental.You will note that some stations will be closed temporarily due to hygiene measures.


Let's take out the bad guy

Our hot room will be prepared so that the student can place his mat in the marks on the ground and the protective boxes provided for this purpose.
Our teachers will guide you to make your experience stress free once again.
Note that we will only make verbal adjustments.
Our room will be cleaned before and after each class, as we used to do.
Once your class is over, your teacher will open the door for you, and you can leave the room one person after another in order of proximity to the door and respecting social distances.

Several Idolems have put at your disposal for youof Lifebox to allow you to practicecomplete freedom. Some with wooden framesand the other in aluminum, ventilated and transparent, youwill be protected while protecting other studentsand teachers.In the event that the LIFEBOXes are notavailable or you do not want themuse, our hot room will be prepared according tothat the student can place his mat in the markson the ground provided for this purpose.You will be prompted after your practice to wipe off yourspace or your LIFEBOX with spraysdisinfectants provided for this purpose.If you want to wash your space BEFORE YOURPRACTICAL, do not hesitate, the sprays are there for you.


The best version of myself

You are ultra-zen and you will be encouraged to stop by our car wash at the exit and ask your questions to our staff who are so looking forward to hearing from you.

We put in place all the measures and we guide you so that your experience is extraordinary.

For the love of our students.

Note that students who do not respect the security measures may see
their subscription has expired, we thank you for your understanding.

For any comments or questions write to info@idolem.com